Individualized Consultations

I partner with clients to create a wellness plan for their personal health goals. We focus on dietary and lifestyle habits, general health, and other aspects of life to determine the best path for promoting harmony and health. The client-set agenda and pace, tailored education, flexibility, plus ongoing support promote success.

  •  60 minute consults (phone, Skype, or in person within Cincinnati, OH)
  •  Follow-up support through email or phone
  •  Educational resources
  •  Tailored informational handouts
  • Local Grocery store visit:
    > Understanding food labeling
    > Selecting healthier alternatives for your shopping list
    > Healthy cooking  tips & recipes

 Wellness Packages

  • Monthly: Two 60-minute consultations (bi-weekly)
  • Follow-up support between consults
  • Personal wellness plan
  • Informational handouts
  • Educational resources 

 Discounted Prepaid Wellness Packages

  • 3-month Wellness Package
  • 6-month Wellness Package

Topics Research        

Want  information about a particular health concern and natural therapies?  I’ll review the scientific literature and provide an overview that includes levels of effectiveness for natural therapies used. All research is tailored for your personal situation and needs. Depth of research desired determines the fee.

What to expect from a Well By Choice Consultation

The whole person approach looks at how all areas of life – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual – affect the balance of body systems to impact our general health and attitude.  I believe that wellness is the continual striving for harmony in our whole being. My role as wellness consultant is to work with you (as educational resource and support) to assist with your quest of personal health goals. You bring committed self-responsibility and awareness of your habits to the team. Conversation and reflection on your personal story help  identify and prioritize areas in need of attention. Together, we determine where to focus in order to map the path to your goals. The resulting wellness plan serves as your guide while flexibility and ongoing support allow for real-time considerations and adjustments to the plan. You progress at your own pace within a framework that is comfortable for you. Well By Choice consultations do not take the place of qualified medical attention.

Deciding to change behavior to assist yourself is one of the most self-empowering choices you can make for your overall sense of well-being. Lifestyle modifications may seem like a difficult task to accomplish. Fortunately, there are strategies that aid in making consistent, life-long behavior changes and research shows that working with the support of a dedicated wellness consultant increases the chance for success at doing so. I want you to succeed by advancement to your goals and you have my committed support throughout the process.

There’s growing awareness and continuing research linking the effects of diet, mindset, and lifestyle on our long-term general health. We know that ongoing stress, inflammation, improper nutrition, and lack of exercise can lead to chronic conditions that subtract from our quality of life.  We also know that positive attitude, emotions, thoughts, and actions assist the body’s ability to heal itself. Whether we’re trying to overcome a particular health challenge, improve general health, or maintain our current state conscious self-care plays a key role.   There is always a place for introspection and self-care. Now choose to be well!

Ruth Riddlebarger, BS, CWC

Question about my services or fees?  Contact me today – I’m happy to serve you! 

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