Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ruth Riddlebarger and I’m a naturalist and Certified Wellness Consultant who researches, uses, and educates about the benefits of natural health practices for self-care. For decades I’ve studied and used natural therapies for self, family, friends, and others who are looking for a natural path to health. Using complementary  therapies for self-care isn’t a substitute for licensed practitioner care when it’s indicated, but learning when and how to use natural healing methods appropriately can help bring balance to body systems. By supporting function of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – health and well-being may be revitalized. I follow the tenets of naturopathy for the basis of health – sufficient sunlight, fresh air, pure water, proper nutrition, rest, regular exercise or movement, and add a peaceful attitude and respect for life. When we take care of ourselves, we resist illness and dis-ease more easily during times of imbalance and stress. I acknowledge that we may have different needs from one another; when it comes to healthcare, there’s no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter formula that keeps everyone happy and healthy. We’re individuals of different ages with varying backgrounds, challenges, and habits. Our ways of learning, thinking and behaving are even unique. How can we determine what works for each of us to limit ill-health? Or, even  better, what can we do to promote our highest level of wellness?  Fortunately, guidelines from  time-tested ancient practices and recommendations based on current research of nature-based methods provide a myriad of choices. When we take responsibility and time to discover and practice what works for us as individuals to harmonize mind, emotions, body systems, and spirit we tap into our more vibrant health. Proper care and feeding supports our body’s maintenance needs. Additional whole- body efforts help us go further to embrace an enhanced well-being – encouraging a stronger constitution and sense of calm. Inevitable imbalances and upsets that occur are met with renewed efforts by the body’s ability to heal itself. Increased vigor helps us strive for and achieve goals with gusto.

If you are:

•  Ready to take control of your health

•  Wondering where to start

•  Looking for more information about natural health self-care or a particular health challenge

•  Wanting individualized & straight-forward support

I am committed to listen and team with you to:

•  Assess where you are now

•  Develop your individual wellness plan

•  Keep you on track to your goal

•  Provide personalized support & research for your health concerns

•  Remain flexible for your self-paced success

•  Keep it light!  This is all about feeling great and that includes laughter!


“Perhaps the fundamental freedom that anyone possesses is the choice of where to put their attention.” Albert Einstein

Choose to be well!

Ruth Riddlebarger, BS, CWC